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Research Databases: Foreign and International Law

This guide provides alphabetical and topical listings of the various research databases available for use by the Valparaiso University School of Law community.

Foreign and International Law

Access U.N.

An index to United Nations documents including official records, masthead documents, draft resolutions, meeting records, UN sales publications, and the UN Treaty Series citations.

Customary International Humanitarian Law Database

The rules of customary international humanitarian law (IHL) aim to protect the victims of armed conflict. They complement the protection provided by treaty law and fill certain gaps resulting from treaties not having been ratified. This database contains the rules and summary of State practice relating to most aspects of IHL.

Export Reference Library (BNA)

Foreign and International Law Resources (HeinOnline)

Contains a wealth of foreign and international legal publications, all available for download in .pdf format.

Harvard Research in International Law (HeinOnline)

A reprint of the Harvard Research in International Law, which was originally published from 1929-1939 in the American Journal of International Law.  This collection also includes modern day analysis of the original scholarship.

History of International Law Collection (HeinOnline)

A largely historical collection of primary and secondary sources concerning international law.

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (HeinOnline)

Coverage from 1985 to date.

International Business & Finance Daily (BNA)

International Environment Reporter–Current Reports (BNA)

International Tax Monitor (BNA)

International Trade Daily (BNA)

International Trade Reporter (BNA)

Israel Law Reports (HeinOnline)

Includes judgments from the Supreme Court of Israel, as well as the Israel Law Review.

Kluwer Law International Journal Library (HeinOnline)

This collection contains a variety of Kluwer’s legal periodicals dealing with international law.

Scottish Legal History (HeinOnline)

This collection contains Scottish legal materials dating back to A.D. 1225.

Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law (HeinOnline)

Tax Planning International: Asia-Pacific Focus (BNA)

Tax Planning International: European Tax Service (BNA)

Tax Planning International: Indirect Taxes (BNA)

Tax Planning International: Review & Forum (BNA)

Transfer Pricing International Journal (BNA)

Treaties and Agreements Library (HeinOnline)

United Nations Law Collection (HeinOnline)

This collection contains a variety of UN-related documents, including treaty publications, judgments of the International Court of Justice and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, and UN Yearbooks.

United Nations Treaty Collection

Online access to over 50,000 treaties and international agreements.

U.S. International Trade Library (HeinOnline)

A library of primary and secondary documents relating to the United States’ involvement in international trade.

World Climate Change Report (BNA)

World Communications Regulation Report (BNA)

World Constitutions Illustrated (HeinOnline)

This resource aims to provide a constitutional history for every country in the world.  Visitors are able to access both primary documents and relevant secondary sources.

World Data Protection Report (BNA)

World Intellectual Property Report (BNA)

World Securities Law Report (BNA)

WTO Reporter (BNA)